Our travel in New Zealand

16 décembre 2020

                                                                      we are pierre and pierrick

                                                                we going present a newzealan

                                                                           through our travel


 In new zealand there are:

firstely the animales typic

there are kiwi and penguin

Ne plus confondre] Manchots et pingouins | Planet-Vie

Dossier - Les oeufs du kiwi - Podcast Science







                                                                                                                                 this is so cute ? I really like





what is funny with the pingouins is that hecross the pedestrian crossings.

that why there are  traffic sign

like the one we saw                                                              

this my picture.

panneau de signalisation de Broadway Banque de photos




it's beautifull no ?





but also there are landscape beautifull 


Nouvelle-Zélande - Journal des Français à l'étranger

Voyage complet îles du Nord et du Sud - Nouvelle-Zélande : 23 jours et 20 nuits





look at this the first picture,

the cloud reflects on the lac 

and then the range mountain is beautiful

without speak the montagnes green

after another is gorgeous too 

the road which shows the way to the lake.

La Nouvelle-Zélande verrouille son immobilier | Les Echos

this picture is the capital of new zealand 

and you should visit the city because

if you want to discover the life  of the maori

i think for me it is important to

 know the ancestors of the inhabitants

of new zealand.


there are a lot of adrenaline sports in the world

but the sport in new zealand is very better because

Sautez à l'élastique près de Strasbourg - Bas-Rhin 67

Taupo: the best tandem skydive in NZ? | New Zealand Guide






Bungee jumping:
it is a sport that is practiced a lot in new zealand
and it was used in an advertisement
for an airline company


this sport is the best to see new zealand

and the gorgeous landscapes .                                             


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